BK2 - Vintage Restored Butcher Knife - 19.5/ 14 blade

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About 6 months ago Dan entered into negotiations with an estate for the purchase of a large collection of pre-WW2 carbon steel knives. It was a grab-bag, with blades ranging from the 1800’s to the 1950’s. Some of these pieces required re-shaping and all needed repair, but every single one was a true classic. High-carbon, hand-forged, American steel (with a few blades from England, France, and Germany thrown in for good measure). He’s just now started to catalogue them and there have been many pleasant surprises…

Each vintage knife in this collection is in good working order and sold as-is. Individual knives may require additional sharpening depending on ultimate use and purpose. Scuffs and scratches are descriptive elements of each piece's unique history and time-worn patina, and crucial to our choice in hand-selecting each one.