Sculpted Fika *

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Inspired by the Swedish ritual of a daily coffee break, the Fika is designed with individual serving in mind.  Flat on one side for easy slicing and carved on the other for easy serving and sculptural whimsy. Leather lanyard for easy display.

An ideal size for gifting, it’s also one of our bestselling classics… perfect for cocktail stations, grazing tables, picnic baskets, and displays of all sorts.  Updated ever-so-slightly in shape and dimension, and maintaining the organic shape and eccentric whimsy of our beloved Sonoma wine country, we're sure you'll find yourself using it again and again, no matter the season.  An artifact in the making.

Purchase in multiples for the most charming table setting too!  (See discount below).

Best suited for minimal slicing related to plating and serving.  Heavy duty, yet similar in stability to a vintage breadboard.

* Photographs of The Sculpted Fika are representative of the unique and one-of-a-kind plates in our collection rather than identical pieces. We promise to select only the very best of our signature pieces in fulfilling your order.  If you would like to select the board yourself, just leave a note at checkout and I will email you photos to choose from.

(Approximately 11" at greatest length x 2" thick).

All items ship within a week of order being processed.