*Mid Century Hand Crafted Vintage Theater Knife

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Theater knives have nothing to do with Shakespeare. But they do have something to do with the story of the American people. Theater refers to “Theater of War.” In 1941, when the U.S. entered WWII, we were short on everything but resolve. American Industry groaned to life. We needed everything. Ships, planes, tanks. Lucky Strikes. There was a massive shortage of knives. So civilians made them from files and swords; in urban garages and rural machine shops. Soldiers made them in the field from bayonets and aircraft parts. Thousands of them.

Today they are one of the few war-time collectibles that evince unlimited uniqueness. Bowies and daggers, skinners, and knuckle knives. Some plain, some garishly colored. I love them all.

Each vintage knife in this collection is in good working order and sold as-is. Individual knives may require additional sharpening depending on ultimate use and purpose. Scuffs and scratches are descriptive elements of each piece's unique history and time-worn patina and are crucial to our choice in hand-selecting each one.

* Photographs of our Theater Knives are representative of the unique and one-of-a-kind knives in our collection rather than identical pieces. We promise to select only the very best of our signature pieces in fulfilling your order.  If you would like to select the knife yourself, just leave a note at checkout and we will contact you with photos to choose from.

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