CV44 - Carved Vessel General Listing (See Details*)

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For use as a salt cellar, oil vessel, jewelry or pebble dish... by your bedside, stovetop, boudoir, or powder room.

This beautiful little vessel is hand carved, food safe, and sourced from one native California Bay Laurel tree harvested from our home forest in Sebastopol, California.

California Bay Laurel trees are world renown for their aromatic, anti-microbial qualities, and equally prized as a highly valuable and versatile western native wood, making it the perfect medium for daily and sustained use.

Each hand carved in our collection is intentionally designed to reflect the organic growth of our forest by retaining live elements of width, seasonal variations, and natural descriptive markers within a classically modified shape. Because of this, each board is one-of-a-kind.

*Images above reflect the design of the vessel offered for sale rather than a specific piece.  We'll be sure to select a beautiful object, representative of the photographs above.  Please contact us if you'd prefer to see individual pictures prior to shipping.