GB19 - The Getaway - Culinary Plank - Approx. 12x4.5x2

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Referencing the full diameter of the tree it was made from - this functional, chic little board is the perfect compliment to a working kitchen, backyard cook-out, or summer tailgate. Best suited for minimal slicing related to plating and serving. Heavy-duty, yet similar in stability to a vintage breadboard.

This limited edition organic galley board is made by hand, and sourced from one native California Bay Laurel tree harvested from our home forest in Sebastopol, California. California Bay Laurel trees are world renown for their aromatic, anti-microbial qualities, and equally prized as a highly valuable and versatile western native wood, making it the perfect medium for daily and sustained use. Each galley board in our collection is intentionally designed to reflect the organic growth of our forest by retaining live elements of width, seasonal variations, and natural descriptive markers within a classically modified shape. Because of this, each board is one-of-a-kind.

I’m incredibly honored to share this beloved household tool with you. A timeless and functional design for every home, and an impeccable gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations of all kinds - weddings, births, housewarmings, and graduations. It is my great wish this humble piece becomes an heirloom through use, an object for etching, and a reminder of the beautiful accumulation of the every day: solitary mornings, late summer dinners, sliced ripe strawberries, and celebrations with friends.

An artifact in the making.