Her Beautiful Home*

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Curated exclusively for that beautiful woman in your life who warmly welcomes guests, who makes everyone feel at home, and who can’t help but set a beautiful table at a moment’s notice.

This set comes with a hand-carved round board (approximately 11x7x2), made by hand and sourced from the native California Bay Laurel trees harvested from our home forest in Sebastopol, California. Recessed on one side for plating - flat on the other for chopping and slicing - and equipped with a leather lanyard; it’s the perfect size for warm cookies, cocktail stations, picnic baskets, charcuterie tables, and displays of all sorts. 

To complement the round board, this set includes a hand-carved salt-cellar, a small muslin bag of finishing salts, a black and cream Turkish hand towel, a 4 oz tin of our Savage Sublime board conditioning wax, and a muslin gift bag.

Each board in our collection is intentionally designed to reflect the organic growth of our forest by retaining live elements of width, seasonal variations, and natural descriptive markers within a classically modified shape. Because of this, each board is one-of-a-kind.

* Photographs of the boards and knives in our curated boxes are representative of the unique and one-of-a-kind pieces in our collection rather than identical pieces. We promise to select only the very best of our signature pieces in your custom holiday gift box.