Saddle Axe (2314)

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From Dan:

"I make Viking axes. For eleven months I seek out the best steel I can find. American-made, hammer forged. Antique chisel ground plank-shapers, prewar riggers. Mid-century travel hatchets, massive Eastern timber axes. All of them old, rusty. Some broken. And then, once a year I get to work. No jigs, no patterns, no plan. Just noise, and sparks, and smoke. And blood. Viking blood."

This is a classic d timber ax with a 20” handle commonly known as a saddle axe or pack axe, and designed for easy transportation while traveling in the woods. The featured axe has a 5 pound head sourced from a mid century timber outfit. It is complete with a custom hickory handle and tipped with a decorative piece of axis deer antler. Perfect for The lodge or your next horseback camping trip.

Dan and I have long believed that the objects in your home matter.  They are your artifacts, and so should be beautiful.  The collection of axes we make and sell are meant to be used, and cherished, and passed down for generations.  The way all good things are.

Each piece in our artisan collection has been made by hand, of recycled mid-century American steel; shaped, cut, tempered, and quenched in Sebastopol, California. Each handle is made of hand-stained white hickory and fitted to its individual head.

A modern heirloom, an objet d'art, a working tool, an artifact in-the-making. Designed to be used and displayed, with equal significance. Whether camping, cabin-going, or warming up your home hearth, we know you'll find this classic tool among the most useful, practical, and beautiful.

All axes are sold minimally sharpened to ensure safety and to accommodate for varied use. If you are in the area, please contact us and we would be happy to arrange a time for custom sharpening free of charge.

Measures Approximately  21” x 11