The Adventurer*

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Adventure awaits.  

This box was designed for the ever-ready individual.  Equipped, a little eccentric, and read to soak in the experience.  Perfect for a day hike up Mt. Tam with a stop at the farmer's market on the way out of town. A great gift for dads, families, men, and women alike.

The bag we selected for this pack is The Harland Rolltop Pack made by Sturdy Brothers.  Made in America, of gorgeous oilcloth, this pack comes with adjustable leather straps, ample pockets, and a convenient roll top. The brand behind the bag is just as impressive as their work, with a goal of rekindling the spirit of American craftsmanship in the South. All of their products are made on-site in their Georgia shop.

We've included our signature Turkish towel, as well as the perfect lightweight serving platter for a picnic in the fields.  Made of California Bay Laurel grown and harvested at our home on the Sonoma coast; one-of-a-kind, convenient, and classic.  

This pack is accessorized with a gorgeous vintage handmade Theater Knife restored by our expert bladesmith.  Theater refers to “Theater of War.” In 1941, when the U.S. entered WWII, we were short on everything but resolve. American Industry groaned to life. We needed everything. Ships, planes, tanks. Lucky Strikes. There was a massive shortage of knives. So civilians made them from files and swords; in urban garages and rural machine shops. Soldiers made them in the field from bayonets and aircraft parts. Thousands of them.  Today they are one of the few war-time collectibles that evince unlimited uniqueness. This one is an impeccable piece with a custom-fitted sheath.

Whether you're setting out for a romantic afternoon picnic, a weekend with friends, or a hike with the kids - this pack has you covered.