About Us.

Hi! I'm Brandi - owner, designer, and curator for Savage Sublime and author of Delightful Survival.

My work is based out of the forested homestead I share with my family just north of San Francisco, near the Sonoma County coastline. It's where we've raised our children and where I began making our signature heirloom culinary boards, crafted by hand from wood harvested exclusively in California. 

When my kids were small and the days were long, I was consumed by the desire to carve out a remnant… a tangible reminder of that fleeting, exhausting, inspiring time. It seemed only natural I'd begin in our forest, so little by little, I taught myself woodworking - buying the tools I needed as my skill grew and my projects expanded. I learned to mill, plane, cut, and sand. Eventually, I started carving the wood, creating handmade boards and sculptural art from the native Bay Laurel trees that blanket our beloved mountain… the place we called home.

It's this attention to place and desire for growth I often reflect on in my blog, Carving Out Time, and in my booklet, Delightful Survival - a memoir of the years I spent homeschooling my three kids on this mountain and how you can do the same… in your own way, and on your own 'mountain.'

My husband Dan joins me in this work, collaborating to offer limited edition collections of handmade axes, restored knives, vintage treasures, and home essentials... items inspired by our own diverse natures and centered around a shared vision for living. Our great hope is that these pieces become an inspiration for your life, too… reflecting an adoration of home, an homage to family, a taste for adventure, and a practice of joy. 

Sharing our life on this mountain is really one of my greatest pleasures, and it's a wonder for me to witness its evolution. Years have passed since I began this journey, my children have (almost!) grown, friends have moved, and circumstances continue to change. I'm so grateful I have a relic of that time - one that holds the etchings of a thousand perfect days… solitary mornings, late summer dinners, sliced ripe strawberries, and celebrations around the table. The first board I made, the one I still use daily, is now among my most treasured belongings... a testament to our time and a record of it all… the beautiful, surprising, often fleeting accumulation… of the 'every day.' 

I hope the boards I make inspire in you what they do for me. That they reveal a life of purpose and gratitude... and that they provide to you, and your families and loved ones, a reflection of the very beautiful, often ordinary, and truly remarkable moments that make a life. Dan and I believe the objects in your life matter; they are your artifacts, and they tell your story: Useful. Beautiful. Foundational.

Savage Sublime