Delightful Survival Homeschooling Book

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The world has changed in recent years and it’s the role of parents to scout a path forward. In light of this, more parents than ever are finding themselves contemplating the idea of homeschooling. But reframing expectations can be daunting, and establishing a balance between home and school is for many, a path uncharted. Delightful Survival provides a map. A map for the home educator: The pioneer of a new age. 

Part memoir, part start-up guide, Delightful Survival is a book about finding the joy in parenting through education, and the personal growth that happens along the way. Written by a homeschooling mom of nearly two decades, it’s an anthem of encouragement to parents of all ages and backgrounds, and a streamlined overview of educational options outside the mainstream. By breaking down the process of developing a homeschooling mindset, establishing a framework for success, and tailoring an education to meet your child’s unique needs, it answers the questions dominating consideration - those involving socialization, special needs, educational standards, daily schedules, and curriculum… from one mom to another. 

The world continues to shift - it always has. Unmovable, though, is a parent’s desire to provide the best for their children. Delightful Survival is a practical reminder that as a parent, you’ve actually been homeschooling longer than you think. With the right lens, you can go forward in confidence; the architect of possibility.

*This is a paperback book, 126 pages, 6x9.  Purchase includes digital download.

(About the Author)

Brandi Graves has been homeschooling her three kids for the past sixteen years and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She owns and operates Savage Sublime and Co., a home and lifestyle brand centered around the handmade culinary boards she creates from native Bay Laurel trees grown on her property. She has a bachelor's in liberal studies and a post-baccalaureate degree in fine arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. She is passionate about access to school choice and has participated on the advisory committee of her local charter school for several years.