Wood being a natural product, climate can cause shrinkage over time resulting in a loose ax head. Over the years, we have had 2-3 axes returned for placement of a steel shim which generally fixes the problem and we are happy to do this free of charge. If the ax has been damaged in use and requires a new handle, we are happy to fix this on a per quote basis. All axes are sold minimally sharpened to ensure safety and to accommodate for varied use. If you are in the area, please contact us and we would be happy to arrange a time for custom sharpening free of charge.

Culinary Boards

Because our organic Bay wood is grown, harvested, and finished without the use of dips, glues, dyes, or resins, variations on our handmade culinary boards will occur. Boring lines and knots are an intentional and unique part of our design, highlighting the idiosyncratic markers of a living and sustainably harvested forest. Remember to treat your board regularly with conditioning oil so that it will be a piece of use and beauty within your home for years and possibly generations to come.  We suggest a a periodic deep cleaning scrub of sea salt and lemon juice, and a weekly or bi-monthly coat of butcher block oil depending on use.


We have every hope and confidence your piece will become an heirloom in your home, used for decades to come. If you have any questions or problems with your piece, please send us an email!