Customer Reviews

"I was so thrilled to discover Savage Sublime on Instagram, and the functional art they are creating! I ordered two culinary boards that are prominently displayed in my kitchen, and have been used as cutting boards, serving boards for everything from, cheese, fruit and veggies to candy. Brandi helped me pick two boards that were perfect for me, packaged them beautifullyand got them promptly mailed to me on the East Coast. I love to have items in my house that have a story and these boards, hand crafted from my home state of California are a treasure. I will be back for more, and to give as gifts to friends." Philadelphia, PA 

"I bought several of Brandi’s cutting boards as gifts, and they were big hits. They are beautiful, each with its own unique wood grain, and super smooth, but natural finish. The quality is wonderful, truly an awesome addition to any kitchen. It’s obvious that she really loves making these. One of her cutting boards is on the top of my list of things I want/need for my own kitchen!" - Petaluma, California

 "Beyond Thank You!  Not only are Brandi and Dan’s products special and unique, their customer service soared past my expectations. During lockdown, I was in need of gifts for a 30th birthday and a college graduation. I reached out to Langhus Provisioner to see if they might be able to help. Not only did Brandi help me choose perfect gifts that are timeless and will be treasured for years, she and Dan both went above and beyond to ensure they arrived on time and included special touches ... a personal Maker’s note, beautiful packaging, surprise herbs from the garden. Brandi’s communication was often and thorough. She really took the time to get to know me and my family and what I was looking for and made everything very very special. Their care, sincere interest, and attention to detail was so appreciated and I truly can’t thank them enough!" - Phoenix, Arizona

 "We bought an axe for my adult stepson for Christmas, and he was blown away with it. He has a love for Viking history, and hand crafted, useful items, so this was perfect. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and history behind each one is wonderful. Utilitarian and beautiful. The best of both worlds. I love old items given new, purposeful life, as these axes are." - Petaluma, California