About Us

Danny and I have been married nearly 20 years, I was 18 when we first met.

He was impulsive, rowdy, wildly smart, and totally unhinged. I was mesmerized, excessive, unrestrained, and feisty.  We were friends, off and on, for the next near-decade. When the match struck, we were married within 2 months.
He’s been a soldier, a law-man, a father, friend, son.  I’ve been an art-school-drop-out, a teacher, a mama, daughter, homemaker.  Our life together has been an incomparable blessing.
A few years ago, after building a life, a family, a home, multiple homes… we began collaborating on objects for sale.  Pieces for home and field, tethered by use and beauty.  Delightful, Survival.
Our work is based out of our forested homestead just north of San Francisco, near the Sonoma County coastline.  We call it The Mountain.
The items we make and sell are an extension of our life together.  Thank you for joining us in this play, it’s really a joy.   And a collaboration much greater than the two of us.
We believe the items you have in your home matter.  They are your artifacts.
It is our great wish these humble pieces of home and field become heirlooms in your own home; timeless pieces used and displayed for years to come.  In times both savage and sublime.
Useful, beautiful, foundational.