The Darling Sharon - Limited Release*

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I'm so excited to share this new board with you, it just might be my favorite design of all time!

Made of salvaged wood from an English Walnut orchard in my hometown of Turlock, California, it's darker in color than any other wood I've worked with and lighter in weight, too (milled to a very functional 1/2" thickness). An heirloom piece for everyday use.  

Inspired by the delicate perfection of a classic European breadboard, it's the piece I'd hope to find for myself, tucked amongst stacks of linen and vintage, at a crowded Parisian flea market.  A treasure.


PS:  If you're interested in knowing more about how I came up with the name Darling Sharon, I wrote a little blog post about it.  You can find it on my home page, I hope you enjoy it!

* Photographs of The Darling Sharon are representative of the unique and one-of-a-kind boards in our collection rather than identical pieces. Because our organic wood is dried and finished without the use of dips, glues, dyes, or resins, variations will occur. Boring lines, cracks, and knots are an intentional and unique part of our design, highlighting the idiosyncratic markers of a living and sustainably harvested forest. We promise to select only the very best of our signature pieces in fulfilling your order.  If you would like to select your board yourself, just leave a note at checkout, and we will email you photos to choose from.


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