Travel is For Everyone E-Book

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Travel is for everyone. I really believe that.  And the stories, inspiration, and (even the) artifacts you'll collect along the way are worth countless more than all the efforts that go into planning and taking a trip abroad. I wrote this book to convince you of these things - to convince you that travel is worth it - it's worth it for everyone - and that you can do it, too.

Full of stories and anecdotes to help you catch a vision for travel, as well as practical tips for traveling on a budget, taking good photos, packing lists, personal reflections (of traveling as an individual and with my husband and kids), flight/food/ and lodging advice, personal photos, and more... I want this book to inspire you, and to help you plan for your next big adventure. I'm so happy to share it with you here.

(Excerpt from the book)

"I've been traveling for the better part of three decades, and over that time, I've come to recognize this significant detail: You don't have to be rich, or trendy, or young, or exceptional if you want to get out there and see the world: Travel is for Everyone. You just have to be curious... and a little bit brave - more mindset, less jet-set. Anyone can do it, even me (even you). Welcome to my story: The Average Girl's Guide to Seeing the World."