Zuava Regional Folding Knife

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I've long wanted to add a traditional pocket knife to our offerings, and on a recent family trip to Italy, I found JUST the one.  

It's perfect.  Not too heavy, not too light.  Durable, easy to maintain... and beautiful.

It has a brushed stainless steel blade, simple spring-loaded folding closure, riveted liner handle construction with ox Antler scales, and convex bolsters. A light, robust, and reliable knife suitable for all uses, from hunting to dining.

The Zuava of Scarperia is a historic knife whose name recalls that of a legendary Napoleonic military corps, the Zouaves, who were issued a similar blade, commonly referred to as "French style." Exclusively handmade since the late 19th century and an undisputed symbol of Scarperia's centuries-old knife-making tradition, today it is much appreciated as a utility pocket knife.

Its construction remains unchanged over the years, and today it is still faithfully reproduced with the original shape and materials.

I promise you're going to love this knife, carry it every day, and pass it down for generations.


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